Tom's Take | May 9th, 2019

How can we help employees better understand their health plan coverage?

Tom’s Take: No matter the plan type, confusion seems to be a universal, recurring theme when it comes to how coverage works with employee benefits. Member questions can stem from a lack of understanding in so many areas: what kinds of care are covered … how much a member’s payment responsibility is … where care can be received … the list goes on and on!


The thing is, educating employees about their health plan features isn’t something that can just be done at hiring or open enrollment time and then dismissed. It needs to be an ongoing process with information shared in a variety of formats across a variety of channels. This is especially true as employee benefits change or new ones are added, but also when it’s found that certain benefits are being overlooked or underutilized (a red flag!).


Here are some ideas that can help keep your employees in the know about their health benefits:


Your employees will get a lot more out of their health benefits when they understand all the ins and outs of coverage. Make information easily accessible and understandable and share it in multiple formats. On top of that, stay on top of questions and keep the benefits conversation going.


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