Organ Transplant Carve Out Insurance

Coverage for Costly Transplant Procedures

As one of the most expensive procedures an employer can cover under its benefit plan, organ transplants are becoming more common with three times as many people on transplant waiting lists today versus 10 years ago.

Because of this, Cypress Benefit Administrators gives our clients the option to eliminate the associated risk through organ transplant carve-out insurance. Organ Transplant Carve-Out Insurance works in conjunction with an employer’s plan by “carving out” the transplant and insuring it separately from the plan document. It gives employers the opportunity to totally eliminate the risk of paying for costly organ transplants and the unpredicted cash flow issues that can accompany them.

Often times, stop-loss insurance doesn’t cover transplants – which can range anywhere from $250,000 to $900,000 on average – and many carriers offer significant premium discounts when carve-out plans are purchased. Additionally, having an insured program also eases the cash flow issue in having to pay for a high-cost transplant procedure.