Data Management

Versatile Employee Health Benefit Reporting

The key to a successful self-funded benefit program is being able to retrieve the data
needed to analyze plan utilization and make the right decisions to manage costs. Our
Data Management services give each employer access to timely reports and our proven analytics help transform all of the numbers into actionable management information.

By combining our data reporting and analysis services, we enable our clients to build a comprehensive employee health benefit plan through careful consideration of a variety of variables and scenarios. We’re a TPA that understands the importance of data, offering a robust online reporting package and a secure site with full analysis and modeling tools.

We’ll keep you informed with valuable reporting metrics, including Aggregate Paid Claims, Network Utilization, Diagnosis Reporting, and Claims Lag Analysis. This data is invaluable in helping us understand, predict and lower our clients’ annual health care coverage costs.

How does Cypress use your data?



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