Alternative Access to Care

Telemedicine to Medical Tourism

We’re constantly searching for the newest, most affordable ways to access quality care while keeping costs down. By offering non-traditional methods of care via the workplace, around-the-clock telehealth options, and national Centers of Excellence, employers are realizing major health benefit savings while giving employees access to the finest care in the United States.


Our On-site Medical program reduces costs significantly by bringing providers direct to the office to offer primary care services and employee wellness programs.

Program Features:

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Our Medical Tourism program gives members the ability to receive quality, affordable care at nationally recognized Centers of Excellence throughout the United States. With this program, employers save an average of 34% per surgery and there’s no need to tack on costly international travel.

Program Features:

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Our Teladoc program features the latest in telemedicine technology with anytime access that eliminates the high deductible costs of clinic, urgent care and emergency room visits. This access to telehealth services also allows employees to connect with physicians faster through phone, email, mobile app and video chat alternatives.

Program Features:

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