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Cypress University 2019 – Infinite Possibilities in Cost Savings

Returning to Las Vegas for the 8th consecutive year, Cypress University wrapped up yesterday after two days of educational sessions that focused on forward-thinking solutions and strategies for self-funded plans. Cypress Benefit Administrators presented the event to more than 300 attendees at Caesars Palace, and was sold out in only 3 days. As with years past, cost containment was a highlight of the conference, this year featuring many more case study examples – and a more in-depth account – of how its employer-clients are saving money through customizable plan programs. A stop loss panel of experts was also back by popular demand, giving the audience a chance to ask questions about coverage, contracts and more.

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Sound Bites vs Substance

Ron Peck, Executive Vice President – The Phia Group

There is so much going on in the health care business that it’s difficult to know what’s real and what’s just speculation. It’s important that you know what is really being worked on behind the scenes in Washington and beyond, so you can make rational decisions about the future of your health benefits. Join The Phia Group’s Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Ron E. Peck, as he helps us dig through the noise in our quest to go beyond the sound bites and identify what will really impact our health benefit plans in the years to come. Politicians and celebrities may be dominating air-time with their commentary on healthcare, but together we’ll debunk the trends that are capturing headlines and reveal the real issues that are flying under the radar.

Data, Data, Data! How Do I Get Control Over My Data?

Jana Fuelberth, President & Co-Founder – Analytic.Li

Every employer is looking to be more productive, more profitable and a better manager of its people. But, there are common barriers that stand in the way of meaningful change. These include: • The ability to get all the necessary data together to drive meaningful change, • The ability to convert data into information, and • Being able provide the right data to the right person in a consumer-friendly way. In a departure from our typical exclusive focus on health benefits, we are giving employers an opportunity to see how management of data from all sources – benefits, payroll, time keeping – can be positively merged together to make an employer more efficient and productive and help you to save money. This session will focus on pragmatic ways to harness the value of people analytics for employers of any size and will benefit everyone involved. A fascinating look in to how data can be used to positive affect for employers across the spectrum of costs!

Success In The Realm Of Concierge Medicine

Shauna Thomas, COO & Co-Founder – Hostcare Resources

Cypress has been working with Hostcare Resources for several years and many clients have taken advantage of their concierge program to assist people in identifying the best providers in the country for specific surgery and other medical care needs. While the idea of having someone help patients make the best decisions for themselves and their family members isn’t new, we thought that Cypress U students should see the real-world results of the work that Hostcare does. Pay attention to the case studies in this session, as you will find it motivating and eye-opening!

One Employer’s Journey In Cost Containment

Tom Harrington, CFO, TN Bun
Luke Berry, Collier Insurance

In last year’s Cypress University Attendee Survey, one of the most highly rated sessions was the presentation given by a Cypress client and their broker, as they described how they successfully battled the rising cost of care. Because of the unanimous high rating of this session, we’ve once again asked a Cypress client and their consultant to share with us how they’ve been successful at making difficult but effective decisions about their medical plan offering. This real-world case study is the best way we can think of to start the home stretch at Cypress U and you’ll certainly glean some new ideas from the efforts of those on the front line of employer health benefits.

The True Benefit Of Care And Disease Management

Michael Burcham, CEO – Narus Health

Founded in 2015, Narus Health is a company built on the notion that healthcare is too complicated, especially for those dealing with multiple medical conditions. The members of Narus Health’s founding team brought their own experiences from personally watching loved ones try to make sense of their health situation. What ensued was development of a unique company that focuses on Next Generation Complex Care and Case Management, Chronic Care and Disease Management. The results have been astounding.

Reference Based Pricing/Value Based Payments

Matt Kennedy, VP Business Development – HST

No subject comes up in industry discussions more than what is alternately known as Reference Based Pricing and Value Based Payment. And with price reductions averaging 72% on hospital claims, why wouldn’t it? This alternative to the use of questionable Network Discounts is the future of health care reimbursement and thousands of employers across the country have adopted this model over the past couple of years, with Cypress leading the charge. The RBP/VBP model has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and now we think its time to show the results. Join Matt Kennedy from HST, the industry’s leader in VBP, as he shows us how employers across the country have made this offering a true success. If you haven’t experienced RBP/VBP yet, you need to know how it is working out there!

2019 Stop Loss Panel of Experts

Various Speakers

Many attendees have asked for the return of the Stop Loss Panel of Experts, so we’re bringing it back once again! As in past years, we’ve brought together the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable stop loss experts for an interactive, Q&A-style discussion of the latest innovations in stop loss, in-depth analysis of what you need to know about stop loss insurance and contracts, and a deep dive into the stop loss industry itself.

Specialty Drugs: Maximizing Manufacturer Assistance Program To Reduce Drug Spend

Nathan Dee, Manager, Product Innovation – Magellan Rx

Prescription drug costs going up again? Yeah, we thought so. Although the cost of drugs continues to rise, the biggest challenge is the skyrocketing cost of Specialty Drugs. However, there are programs available to actually reduce the cost of providing this benefit to employees. In this session, Nathan Dee from Magellan Rx, one of the premier Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the country, will be presenting ways that they’ve helped clients have success with reducing the high cost of pharmacy claims by maximizing the Manufacturer Assistance programs available on specialty drugs. This will be useful information that you can take back with you and implement right away – and you should!

Get A Handle On Lowering Diagnostic Imaging Costs

Ray Tamborini, Director of Business Development & Account Management – One Call Health Solutions

For several years, Cypress has encouraged clients to assist employees in making the right decisions about when and where to get their diagnostic imaging services done. People are amazed at the difference in cost for MRI, CT Scans and PET Scans depending on what facility is used. It should come as no surprise that when a patient gets an MRI done at a hospital it’s more expensive than an independent facility, but the massive differential in costs often come as a huge surprise to employers paying the bill. In this session, Ray will show us the experience Cypress clients have had in getting employees to the right location for these services and how we can all better take advantage of the potential for savings by making employees better educated about what to do when imaging needs arise. This is a simple, easy to implement program that benefits everyone.

Getting Employees To Travel To Best In Class Surgery Centers

Mark Davenport, Senior Vice President of Sales, PriceMDs

As we learned at Cypress U last year, there are options available for patients needing surgery to travel to facilities that have been found to be the best in the industry from a quality and price standpoint. PriceMDs, an innovative healthcare service company who significantly reduces healthcare costs for self-insured plans for a wide range of surgical procedures by using a network of more than 1,400 outpatient surgical centers (and other facilities) in 46 states throughout the U.S., is at the forefront of the industry. This session will show how employers have greatly benefitted from Price MDs’ pre-negotiated, all-inclusive bundled prices for surgical procedures at prices which represent savings of typically 25%-50% and as high as 75% (or more) compared to prices currently paid by major health plans.

Direct Primary Care: The Latest Strategy In Cost Control

Dan Thompson, CEO & Founder – Clinical Wellness Network

A new breed of provider contracts is on the march and growing nationally: it’s known as Direct Primary Care, and it’s changing how employers offer health benefits. This program, led by Clinical Wellness Network, provides prompt access to quality primary care facilities in local communities and in the workplace at a price that changes the old fee-for-service model completely, resulting in a high-quality health care experience in workplaces for employees while actually lowering costs for employers. Join the founder of one of the largest and most sophisticated DPC programs anywhere as he shows how Clinical Wellness Network has succeeded in altering the landscape of how Primary Care is delivered.

International Medical Options: The Cost And Quality Of Travel Benefits

Tom Garner, Executive Vice President of Operations and Network Development – Sky Medicus

There is a growing case for consideration of incenting employees to travel to international destinations for health care services. In recent years, much evidence has been brought to us that shows that certain internationally-based providers can offer health care services that are of the highest quality anywhere at a cost that will surprise most. Tom Garner will lead this discussion relative to why you should implement this program and encourage employees to actively consider going overseas to receive treatment – some not yet available in the USA, but proven effective elsewhere in the world. This will be a fascinating look at a unique option for many of you!