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Controlling costs while still offering top-quality employee medical benefits.

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53% less

is what Cypress clients pay compared to the national average.

For employee health benefit plans, Cypress rate increases averaged just 1.24% from 2012-2018. The U.S. increase has averaged 6.27% in the same 7-year span.

Why Cypress?

One-Size-Fits-All Health Benefits Don’t Cut It

Employee benefit plans are an employer’s largest expense after payroll, and the amount needed to budget for them could keep climbing. Everyone’s goal? Controlling these costs while still offering top-quality employee medical benefits. That’s where The Cypress Solution comes in, with a proven track record for cost control and more.

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The Cypress Solution

The Successful Approach to Benefits Administration

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best company to manage your employee benefit plan. Does the TPA have a proven track record for cost containment, but balance those savings with the highest quality medical coverage and services? Is the team of employee benefit advisors focused on your business’s specific needs and success instead of lumping you in with others?

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Cypress University

Cutting-Edge Employee Benefit Education

Cypress is the industry leader in education for employers and brokers. We’re dedicated to year-round education by keeping you informed of industry trends, sharing opinions from experts, and cost containment results from programs you can implement today. Cypress University covers a wide range of industry topics and trends. Here are a few examples of the types of topics we provide cutting-edge eductaiton on.

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“Finding the right partners is absolutely critical. You’ve definitely struck gold with working with Cypress.”

Jonathan Socko
East Coast Underwriters

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in savings in the last year. Less than half came from network discounts.

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